Sunday, July 13, 2008

X - Change 2008

Programs [below] are supported by AppreRoom:

Artist in Residency
[Artist Talk/ Screening/ Workshop/ Exhibition/ Performance Art]

Participant [Indonesia & abroad]
· Artist/ Observer/ Writer/ Researcher/ Organizer in performance art
Especially for any kind of background [sculpture, dance, visual, theater, literature, multimedia, architecture, teacher, waiter, secretary, trainer, farmer, driver, journalist, poet and others]

· 1 [one] week/ 2 [two] weeks/ 3 [three] weeks

· Every month since June to December 2008

· May 17th -19th Studio Rosid, Bandung []
· A Process of Collaborative Performance : "Kemana Pun"
· A Project by 7 Artists

· August 2nd-10th Jatiwangi artFactory, Majalengka-Cirebon
· Participants: 25 artists
· Artist in Residency : 2-7 August
· Festival : 8-9-10 August
· Site [Villages/Desa] : Jatiwangi-Sutawangi-Jatisura-Surawangi-Loji
· A Project by JaF/Jatiwangi Art Factory [], organized by Juliana Yasin
· Curated by Juliana Yasin & Heru Hikayat
News :

· August 11th -13rd
· Artist Talk 12th Studio Rosid
· Curated & organized by Juliana Yasin & Heru Hikayat
· Residency : Studio Rosid []

· August 20th -2nd September National Gallery, Jakarta []
Artist Talk; Workshop; Performance : curated by Institute of PerformArt, organized by AppreRoom; an indie performance art event
Paulo Nazareth - Brasil [20th – 26th August]
Creamus Poems [24th – 31st August]
Santo Klingon, Ayi Noe, SS Listyowati [20th August – 2nd Sept] Carrie Morris - USA [2nd Sept]

· December 7th – 18th, an indie performance art event in Mataram and Sembalun's Village-Lombok Island : Makoto Maruyama [Japan], Lynn Lu [Singapore]

· National Gallery [Galeri Nasional Indonesia]– Jakarta; Studio Rosid – Bandung; Jatiwangi artFactory; Sembalun's Village, Taman Budaya NTB [Art Centre], Mataram

Supported/ Facilitated by
· Galeri Nasional Indonesia; Studio Rosid - Bandung; Jatiwangi artFactory; Sembalun Bumbung Villagers; Taman Budaya NTB/Art Centre, Mataram; art communities in Jakarta & Lombok; local colleagues/relatives; artists/participants themselves

History of event and Objectives
· X-Change 2008 is a non-formal and non-financial support. The X-Change 2008 is supported by several institutions and communities in art-space in Indonesia and abroad, also the participants. The X-Change 2008 program is the answer to the demands from artists [abroad] who would like to stay and make a collaboration in artwork or research of performance art in Indonesia, connect and interact to other cultures in each country. The spirit of this program is about the exchange of minds and perspectives in artworks of each artist and people here. It's about civilization as a part of culture. It's about how to appear the enlightenment of diversity and personal good will in a mutual understanding, to be in an unlimited space of connecting people.

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