Saturday, June 9, 2007

Events & Programs

· Birds Migration : Indonesia International Performance Art Event [ IIPAE2006 ] by Galeri Nasional Indonesia, 7th -9th December 2006
Performances in "Migrasi Burung: What is Performance Art?" June 7th 2006, 2-6pm, Bentara Budaya Jakarta INDONESIA
· Observation in History of Performance Art and Its Management in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore [2005-2006] by S S Listyowati
· Training in Radio Broadcasting by Ford Foundation & Radio France Internationale, Jakarta, October 2003
· Visiting Program to arts-institutions in Paris-France [Radio France Internationale, Acanthes, Maison des Cultures du Monde, et.], December 2002 - March 2003
· “AKIN & AMITY 2002: A Journey of Art in Ten Cities” [Jakarta-Bandung-Yogya-Semarang-Banjarmasin-Makassar-Bali-Surabaya-Solo-Padang] Collaboration in Art & Ritual by Chi Body Theatre Troupe from Taiwan and local artists, August-Sept 2002
· Paintings Exhibition “Sarang & Kesunyian”/”Nest & Solitude” by Iswanto GH at Institute of Indonesia-France (LIP) – Yogyakarta, April 2002
· "Intensities in Ten Cities" collaboration work by Teater of Pain (ToP) - Semarang with Chi Body's Theatre - Taiwan at Galeri Barak-Bandung and Studio Hanafi–Jakarta
· Training of Reporting and Art Writing, February 2001 together with the Japan Foundation at the Japanese Cultural Centre, Jakarta, [together with M. Sobari, Ninok Leksono, F.X. Harsono, Deddy Luthan, Nirwan Dewanto, Danarto, Endo Suanda, Jabatin Bangun, Y. Bintang Prakasa, Afrizal Malna, Yudhi Suryoatmodjo etc.]
· Performance Art “A Lion King in Asia” the work of Agoes Jolly at The Substation and Merlion Park, Singapore, August 2000 under the auspices of Artists Investigative Monuments (AIM), Singapore
· Publishing the book “LINES: collection of stories of women at the edge line” by Ratri, Millenium Publishing-Jakarta 2000
· Discussions on Fine Art: “Sex, Violence, Culture?” 17 August 1999 in Semanggi Tents Village by Arahmariani, Chandra Johan and Agus Jolly
· Exhibition of Contemporary Fine Art (paintings, drawings, installation art, architecture and performance art), "Monuments I" in Semanggi Tents Village, August 1999 (in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture of Tarumanegara University/UNTAR)
· Photography Exhibition, S.S. Listyowati “People at the Southeast Emerald of the Equator” at the Tents Village in Semanggi, Jakarta, August 1999 (in cooperation with WALHI / Indonesia environment organization)
· Organizing various Exhibitions in Galeri NOMAD [such as "Paintings of Different Styles"; "Calligraphy Paintings of Yoesoef Effendie", "Back to Nature" of B. Dwi Santoso, "The Land of Tears"; Yuli Riban R.U. Subagio – Ima Duddin – Toto Pe, "In the Name of…": Yustinus-Iswanto Hartono, "Pacul": Gigih Wiyono, and Discussions on Fine Art: Diro Aritonang-Firdaus Alamhudi-Chandra Johan-Hendro Wiyanto-F.X. Harsono-Irawan K. Arseno-Arahmaiani], Jakarta, 1998-1999

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