Saturday, June 9, 2007

Vision & Mission


· The AppreRoom or Appreciation Room is a non-profit institution, which has its activities in the field of art space and acts as one and at the same time as a cultural link, which has its center in Indonesia.

· Established and started its activities in Jakarta since 1998, among others organizing art event beyond the location of the gallery, the group of the AppreRoom is an open space for art observers and art workers as well consisting of praxis and theoreticians. They consist amongst others of fine art workers, painters, sculptures, performance artists, photographers, writers, and choreographers, performing artists, ethno-musicologists, reporters and other art workers including education practitioners in the respective fields of art.

· This institution forms a “room” as a vehicle for the aspiration of care to the cultural aspect and art or more than that, to the culture itself.· Therefore this institution is like a terminal which provides to its members an intermediate place to be able to be actively participating to develop the activities of the group, and themselves, before to be on the next step.

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